Getting Schlechtified with Lennie Hay!

I am at the Leadership Academy in Austin, Texas put on by the Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform. I want to take this opportunity to thank both of my loyal readers. You guys rock.

I had the pleasure today of interviewing the one and only Lenora (Lennie) Hay. She was gracious, mildly trepidacious, but willing to play my game. This interview is different than past ones. I have moved into the modern era… using video… enjoy!

 Len_Hay (click the name to the left for the interview)

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Schlechty Anyone…

I am attending the Marilyn Hohlman Principals Academy presented by the Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform. WOW… sorry… Wow… have I been inundated with information thus far this week… more on that later. I have had the opportunity to interview several of the Senior Associates with the Schlechty Center, the President and COO of the Center and the Founder and CEO. Please click on the names below to hear the podcasts of these interviews:

Phillip Schlechty     Judy Love     George Thompson       Sandy Jenkins    

Nancy Rindone-Doughney

What a week this has been. This week has been like putting 10 pounds of nails in a 2 pound sack. You bust the sack on all sides spilling the contents everywhere trying to hold on to what little you can. My brain is still trying to absorb the information overload. Ideas come and go… spilling out of my brain before I can latch on to them. Frustration comes… yet I know that means I need to keep struggling as I am learning new things.